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Revamp Rasbpian's APT packages to work with armhf and aarch64 side-by-side
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On a fresh Raspbian installation, clone this repo and run:


This script sets up a hybrid 32-bit / 64-bit user environment, so a great starting image is Raspbian with a 64-bit kernel. The process should complete in about 20 minutes on a Pi 3B+, but will take longer if you have a slow internet connection and get bottlenecked on downloading packages.

The key idea here is to work around APT's Draconian multiarch restrictions by patching the +rpi packages. By tweaking version info and creating these "Stealth RPI" packages many conflicts are avoided. This is a big hack, but with benefits like retaining ARMv6 (Pi Zero) compatibility. In the worst case you can fall back with ./ to install the original +rpi packages.

This script even runs on a standard 32-bit Raspbian system image. When necessary, it will install qemu-user so you can seamlessly run 64-bit commands. Heavy graphical applications won't work in emulation, but try out NetHack and other console commands. After that point you can consider whether it still makes sense to replace the kernel for true ARM64 execution. Furthermore, this means you can trial a system configuration on a Pi 2, Pi Zero, or other boards with 32-bit hardware.

If an error occurs partway through, the *.deb files remain saved for troubleshooting or manual installation. Each helper script is designed to detect past progress and avoid repeating slow parts if attempted a second time.

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