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Terminal configurations

These are the configuration files (aka "dot files") for various terminal based applications that I use normally (or have used). These should all be able to be used without an X server running. I have a vim config, but it was large enough and changed enough that I am putting it in its own repo.


zsh ack git tmux screen weechat mutt ncmpcpp


Included is a script to setup and manage the configs. To call it, just run: ./ init to install the applications (some are commented out) and link the configs in this repo to the home locations (NOTE: it will not overwrite any files that already exist there). This is currently geared towards Arch Linux, over time, I hope to include other distros to this. You can also just run ./ link to link the files without installing anything.

Scripts & Stuff

There are a few functions and scripts. Under tmux/functions.zsh there are some aliases that will get symlinked into the zsh folder to allow some sensible usage for tmux in regards to attaching to sessions and such. The git-subrm script and the git-pair scripts should be symlinked into your path and add on some git subcommands that add some functionality I have found useful. git pair will take a list of names passed in as arguments and generate a local git username that is the global git username and the provided usernames in a sorted, "and" separated list. The git-subrm script attempts to remove a git submodule from both the repo files and the actual directory.