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commit 0451b524ffc16dacfa9ab352d761156cc50f253b 1 parent 733a572
@jdtsmith authored
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  1. +3 −3 idlw-help.el
6 idlw-help.el
@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ It collects and prints the diagnostics messages."
;; A regular structure tag -- only in text, and if
- ;; optional `complete-structtag' loaded.
+ ;; `complete-structtag' loaded.
(let ((var (match-string 1 this-word))
(tag (substring this-word (match-end 0))))
@@ -1017,8 +1017,8 @@ Useful when source code is displayed as help. See the option
(defun idlwave-html-help-location ()
"Return the help directory where HTML files are, or nil if that is unknown."
;; Note that starting with IDL 7, the HTML files are not included
- ;; directly, so this becomes vestigial, except that with IDL 8.0,
- ;; HTML files were included again.
+ ;; directly, so this becomes vestigial.... except that starting with
+ ;; IDL 8.0, HTML files were included again, i.e. re-non-vestigial.
(let ((sys-dir (idlwave-sys-dir)) help-dir)
(cond ((and (stringp idlwave-html-system-help-location)
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