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Metatags are an experimental feature of the LEWTLedger object.

Basically they are hash-bangs (ie. #something) that you can embed in your extraction sources (calendars, cdv spreadsheets etc) to mark them up with a bit of added data. So for example when entering calendar entries to extract with the calendar extractor you might want to signal out when you have a particularly bad or good day on a given project. So inside your calendar's description field you would enter #good-day or #bad-day.

This metatags will be interpreted by the LEWTLedger object as boolean values so

good-day = true

You can also do stuff like this:

#happiness =8/10

This would be evaluated as rational(8,10).

The metatags of a ledger object can be accessed by:

ledger_row = ... )

# array of tags and there values extracted
tags =- ledger_row.metatags

These features are not yet very stable or documented, the best place to learn more is the LEWTLedger class itself located in the lib directory.

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