Matlab package for analyzing data using braids
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braidlab is a Matlab package for analyzing data using braids, written by Jean-Luc Thiffeault and Marko Budisic.

documentation and installation

See the braidlab user's guide. If you already downloaded braidlab the guide is in the doc folder. For installation instructions, see the appendix in the guide. The guide is also posted on arXiv.

citing braidlab

If you use braidlab in one of your papers, please cite it as:

  • J.-L. Thiffeault and Marko Budišić, Braidlab: A Software Package for Braids and Loops, arXiv:1410.0849 [math.GT] (2013-2017), Version <<version number>>.

You can use this BibTeX entry:

    author = {Jean-Luc Thiffeault and Marko Budi\v{s}i\'{c}},
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Michael Allshouse contributed extensive testing, comments, and some of the code.

braidlab uses Toby Hall's Trains; Jae Choon Cha's CBraid; Juan Gonzalez-Meneses's Braiding; John D'Errico's Variable Precision Integer Arithmetic; Markus Buehren's assignmentoptimal; and Jakob Progsch's ThreadPool.


braidlab is released under the GNU General Public License v3. See COPYING and LICENSE.


The development of braidlab was supported by the US National Science Foundation, under grants DMS-0806821 and CMMI-1233935.