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Nameless Boilerplate

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Nameless Boilerplate

This project is to take the "nameless" theme and integrate it with HTML 5 boilerplate, to make a responsive theme.

Based on / including code from:

  1. The Nameless WordPress theme by : (license unknown, though the blog is cc-by-sa)

  2. HTML 5 Boilerplate: Which itself includes: - modernizr 2.5.3: - jQuery (but I stripped that out as WordPress already includes it)

  3. Responsive WordPress core styles:

  4. Initializr Template:

You'll want to edit the theme as it has some hardcoded assumptions in it - in particular the sidebar and the footer have 'hard coded' text that probably ought to be in widgets/variables. If I get around to it I will move those to the appropriate places.

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