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Copyright (c) 2011 Jed Schmidt

a small module for auto-importing modules in node.js.


require( "./autorequire" ) <module-name> )


autorequire.js is for the terminally lazy. it turns boilerplate code like this:

http = require( 'http' );
https = require( 'https' );
url = require( 'url' );
path = require( 'path' );
util = require( 'util' );
crypto = require( 'crypto' );

into this:

http, https, url, path, util, crypto;

if you want, you can even abuse otherwise useless javascript labels:

require: http, https, url, path, util, crypto;

it does this by wrapping your module in a closure, like this:

!function( http, https, url, path, util, crypto ) {
  // your original code here
}.apply( this, [ 'http', 'https', 'url', 'path', 'util', 'crypto' ].map( require ) )

basically, it attempts to load your module repeatedly, adding a new argument to the list every time a not_defined error is thrown. once all your symbols are there, it compiles and executes the module.

this module was born from a (fab) brainstorm, and is a prototype not really meant for serious use. that said, if you think it could be useful and would like me to npm it, lemme know.