The t-shirts I wear
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What even is this?

I wear one of these t-shirts each working day. I think of them as similar to stickers on a laptop.

They are commonly under a collared shirt, but I will make sure the one I am wearing is visible if I am speaking publicly or interviewing someone.

Which t-shirts?

  • Empathy, kindness, respect
  • Feminist
  • Pride over prejudice
  • Made by Immigrants
  • You are enough
  • More than ever, be kind
  • Project Include
  • Equality Logo
  • Keep Showing Up
  • When They Go Low...
  • IRL Winning

Empathy, kindness, respect

Sara McNally


Lindsay Eyth of Eythink

Pride over prejudice

Human Rights Campaign

Made by Immigrants

Mule Design

You are enough

Tara Rappleye

More than ever, be kind

Erica Westerfield

Project Include

Project Include

Equality Logo

Human Rights Campaign

Keep Showing Up

Charles Dew

When They Go Low...

Clarissa Hernandez

IRL Winning

Shannon Miwa