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render_tiled_image is broken #1

lilalinux opened this Issue · 1 comment

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The iterator is wrong, you can't do (0...@tiled_rows) because @tiled_rows is an array. You should iterate over the indexes of @tiled_rows.
spans then is the current index.

(Maybe there is a smarter way to iterate over an array, but actually I don't know anything about ruby)

1) (0...@tiled_rows.size).each do |spans|
2) replace all occurences of spans by @tiled_rows[spans]

like this:

# render a complete tiled image to gcode and gmask streams
def render_tiled_image gcode, gmask
debug "rendering tiled image"
job_id = job_hash
hyst = -@scale[0]/2
gcode.comment "raster gcode for job #{job_id}"
gcode.comment "image: #{@image.filename} #{@image.size.inspect}"
gcode.comment "config: #{@config.inspect}"

gcode.preamble :feed => @config[:feed], :mask => true

@config[:repeat][1].times do |ytile|
  debug "begin tile row #{ytile}"
  ypix = 0
  (0...@tiled_rows.size).each do |spans|
    debug "pixel row #{ypix} is empty" if @tiled_rows[spans].empty?
    unless @tiled_rows[spans].empty?
      yinches = y_inches(ytile, ypix)
      forward = @tiled_rows[spans][0][0] < @tiled_rows[spans][-1][1]
      dir = forward ? 1 : -1

      debug "pixel row #{ypix} at #{yinches} inches going #{forward ? 'forward' : 'backward'} with #{@tiled_rows[spans].size} spans"

      gcode.g0 :x => @tiled_rows[spans][0][0] - dir*@config[:overshoot], :y => yinches
      gcode.g1 :x => @tiled_rows[spans][-1][1] + dir*@config[:overshoot], :y => yinches
      gmask.begin_row forward
      @tiled_rows[spans].each {|span| gmask.span forward, span[0]+hyst, span[1]+hyst }
    end # unless spans.empty?
    ypix += 1
  end # @image.each_row
  debug "end tile row #{ytile}"
end # @config[:repeat][i].times


end # def render_tiled_image

@alown alown referenced this issue from a commit in alown/graster
@alown alown Fixes issue #1: render_tiled_image failure c13d686

I have put this into a patch, and sent as a pull request to jebediah.

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