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+author: John Wetherill
+title: Make Ned Scale! How Private PaaS Can Scale Management in a World of Limitless Virtualization
+Virtualization promises the world: So convenient! So effortless! So
+affordable! Think of all those limitless resources, all abstracted
+away. Then think of all the applications and data that will reside on
+(and eventually extend) those abstracted resources. While VMs offer
+the convenience of easily-provisioned scalability, they don’t exactly
+make life easier for Ned in IT, who has to manage all those
+easy-to-deploy applications. But that’s where private PaaS can help.
+In this presentation and demo, an ActiveState technical leader will
+discuss the practical challenges of deploying cloud applications, and
+how private PaaS can constructively let Ned “scale” to manage his
+growing cloud of apps and data.
+John Wetherill, developer evangelist and a Java expert at AcitveState

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