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pde-tools, Make your Eclipse more AWESOME!

Jeeeyul's PDE-tools provides some cool features for Eclipse Plugin Developers.

It was originated for me and my team. And it works great for me. I hope it helps you too.

← Drag it to your eclipse workbench to install! (I recommand Main Toolbar as Drop Target)



  • Update Site(Eclipse 3.7 ~ 4.2):

If you updating PDE-Tools, Please restart your eclipse with -clearPersistedState Options after update. see why

eclipse -clearPersistedState

Clipboard History

Just press Control + Shift + V instead of Control + V, then you can paste contents from history of Clipboard.


It also provides view.


Icon Preview

Icon files are directly showed in Package Explorer or other navigators.

It's fast and light-weight, content change sensitive.


Shared Image Generator

PDE Tools generates Java constants for monitored folder. It also support structured folders as sub palettes.


  1. Select a plugin project and press right mouse button.
  2. Select "Configure > Enable Shared Image Generator"
  3. That's all.


Bundle Image Navigator


You can easily browse image files on plugins, and just drag and drop into your project to reuse icons.

Crazy Outline

Crazy Outline

Crazy Outline View provides awesome way to navigate your source code.

It supports not only text based editor also support multi-paged editors.

Window >> Show View >> Others... >> Plug-in Development >> Crazy Outline

or Just press Ctrl(or Command) + 3 and type crazy.

Screenshot tool

Use Camera icon or Alt + Shift + 2 to take screenshots of Eclipse parts.

When you taking snapshot, press Command(or CTRL) then click to make a shot, then you will see, result image is rendered with Windows Aero effect with transparency.

Workspace Launcher


Now you can launch other workspace rather than switch. It is more useful for MacOSX users.


This software is distributed under the EPL

Basically this license allows almost everything what you want to do including commerical purpose. Read details from here. And It doesn't provide any Warranties.



pde-tools, Complete Awesomeness of your IDE.


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