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This is a Wifi library for arduino that uses the SLIP protocol to communicate via serial with an ESP8266 module running the esp-link firmware.

This library requires esp-link v2.2.beta2 or later.


  • C++ classes to manage the communication with esp-link

  • Support outbound REST requests

  • Support MQTT pub/sub

  • Support additional commands to query esp-link about wifi and such

  • MQTT functionality:

    • MQTT protocol itself implemented by esp-link
    • Support subscribing, publishing, LWT, keep alive pings and all QoS levels 0&1
  • REST functionality:

    • Support methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
    • setContent type, set header, set User Agent
  • UDP socket functionality:

    • Support sending and receiving UDP socket packets and broadcasting UDP socket packets
  • TCP socket functionality:

    • Support TCP socket clients to send packets to a TCP server
    • Support TCP socket server to receive packets from TCP socket clients and send back responses


Currently two examples are provided that are known to work and that come with HEX files ready to load into an Atmega 328 based arduino:

  • A REST example that fetches the current time from a server on the internet and prints it. This example is in ./ELClient/examples/rest.
  • An MQTT example that publishes messages to an MQTT server and subscribes so it receives and prints its own messages. This example is in ./ELClient/examples/mqtt.
  • An UDP socket client example to connect to a UDP socket server or broadcast to a local network. This example is in ./ELClient/examples/udp.
  • A simple TCP socket client example that sends data to a TCP server without waiting for response. This example is in ./ELClient/examples/tcp-client.
  • A TCP socket client example that sends data to a TCP server and waits for a response. This example is in ./ELClient/examples/tcp-client_resp.
  • A TCP socket server example that waits for connections from a TCP socket client. This example is in ./ELClient/examples/tcp-server.
  • A Thingspeak example to use REST POST to send data to thingspeak. This example is in ./ELClient/examples/udp.

The "demo" example are currently not maintained and therefore won't work as-is.

API documentation

A prelimenary documentation for the library is available on ELClient API Doc.