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Recursively copy resources across web sites which are solid-compatible
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Recursively copy resources across Solid-compatible information spaces

Copies a container and all of its contained resources from one Solid-compatible information space to another. The entire directory tree will be copied including all files and sub-directories.

Important Web-access files (.acl) will NOT be copied, so you will need to recreate them if you need them.

Solid-compatible information spaces currently include:

  • https:// online or localhost Solid pods
  • file:// local file-system treated as a mini pod by solid-auth-cli
  • app:// in-browser localStorage treated as a mini pod by solid-rest-browser

If you are copying between two pods using https://, you must login with a webId that has access to both pods.


    // define here and there as absolute URLs
    solid.auth.login().then( () => {
        deepCopy( here, there ).then( res => {
        },e => console.log("Error copying : "+e))
    },e => console.log("Error logging in : "+e))

The library is designed for in-browser use, in a web app, or on the command line with node.js.

Some potential uses :

* clone projects
* create project templates
* create sync and backup scripts
    * pod to browser localStorage
    * local file system to pod
    ... etc.
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