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Two security visualizations as seen at bsidesPDX 10/2011
jeff bryner

#   -a working kinect environment with skeleton tracking via open NITE
#   -python 3.2
#   -blender 2.57 (blender.org)
#   -metasploit with xmlrpc and the database engine working
#   -numpy
#   -osceleton github.com/Sensebloom/osceleton
#   -jack the realtime sound engine (jackaudio.org)

Top Virus Carriers: 
Querying a mcafee EPO server for the top virus carriers in it's database. Carriers are represented as people
carrying barrels of toxic waste sized to represent their virus load. The player can interact with the folks to 
find out more about their virus issues.

To run: 
Open topcarriers.blend in blender
Run the blenderHelperServer.py program in the helper directory.
Run osceleton -r -f in a terminal/command window and let it recognize you
Press P in the blender 3D window

Lean forward to move forward, backward to move backward, left to move left, right to move right. 
Rotate hips right or left to rotate the player's viewpoint right or left. 
Right hand to left shoulder initiates the discover of virus carriers. 
Once in range of a virus carrier, lift both arms out in front as if laying hands on the victim
to get information on their virus load.
Once the detail is displayed you can move your right hand in a come closer gesture 
(i.e. waist height, slightly out in front of your body, moving up and back to your body)
to move forward in the list of files. 
Reverse the gesture (i.e. move down and back to the body) to scroll back through the list. 

Firewall Visualization: 
Visualizing logs from a cisco asa firewall. Packets enter the room, bounce off a firewall and are sorted/counted 
on a scoreboard wall in the back.

To run: 
Open firewall.counter.blend in blender
Run osceleton -r -f in a terminal/command window and let it recognize you
Press P in the blender 3D window
Run ./logreplay.py -f lotsologs.txt | ./asa2osc.txt  in a terminal window in the logs directory to start the firewall logs

You should see packets shooting to the firewall, bouncing off and being counted/sorted by the sorting wall in the back.
Movement gestures apply as above, no interaction gestures as of yet.