Script to convert Logic Apps into templates for deployment
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Logic App Template Creator Script

This is a simple PowerShell script module I wrote to convert Logic Apps into a template that can be included in a deployment.

How to use

  1. Clone the project, open, and build.
  2. Open PowerShell and Import the module: Import-Module C:\{pathToSolution}\LogicAppTemplateCreator\LogicAppTemplate\bin\Debug\LogicAppTemplate.dll
  3. Run the PowerShell command Get-LogicAppTemplate. You can pipe the output as needed, and recommended you pipe in a token from armclient armclient token 80d4fe69-xxxx-4dd2-a938-9250f1c8ab03 | Get-LogicAppTemplate -LogicApp MyApp -ResourceGroup Integrate2016 -SubscriptionId 80d4fe69-xxxx-4dd2-a938-9250f1c8ab03 -Verbose | Out-File C:\template.json

Example when user is connected to multitenants: Get-LogicAppTemplate -LogicApp MyApp -ResourceGroup Integrate2016 -SubscriptionId 80d4fe69-xxxx-4dd2-a938-9250f1c8ab03 -TenantName

Example with diagnostic settings: Get-LogicAppTemplate -LogicApp MyApp -ResourceGroup Integrate2016 -SubscriptionId 80d4fe69-xxxx-4dd2-a938-9250f1c8ab03 -DiagnosticSettings $true


Parameter Description Required
LogicApp The name of the Logic App true
ResourceGroup The name of the Resource Group true
SubscriptionId The subscription Id for the resource true
TenantName Name of the Tenant i.e. false
Token An AAD Token to access the resources - should not include Bearer, only the token false
ClaimsDump A dump of claims piped in from armclient - should not be manually set false
DiagnosticSettings If true, diagnostic settings are included in the ARM template false

After extraction a parameters file can be created off the LogicAppTemplate. (works on any ARM template file):

Get-ParameterTemplate -TemplateFile $filenname | Out-File 'paramfile.json'

For extraction with KeyVault reference liks created use: (only static reference)

Get-ParameterTemplate -TemplateFile $filenname -KeyVault Static | Out-File $filennameparam


Parameter Description Required
TemplateFile File path to the template file true
KeyVault Enum describing how to handle KeyVault possible values Static Noce, default None false