Shopping Cart iPhone/iPad app for Drupal Commerce QuickStart
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Shopping Cart iPhone/iPad app for Drupal Commerce QuickStart

I'm building this out as an example e-commerce app for iOS that works with Drupal Commerce QuickStart. If you're not familiar with Drupal Commerce - check it out here -

Drupal Commerce QuickStart gives you an e-commerce store that's pre-configured with products and prices. Whether you're building an e-commerce app on top of Drupal Commerce QuickStart, or the rest of Drupal Commerce, you can use this app as a jumpstart for your mobile app development needs.

You will need to install and configure one additional module for this mobile app to communicate with your Drupal Commerce site:

Drupal Commerce Services Resources

Contact Info

Jeff Linwood

Installation Instructions

git submodule init

git submodule update

Edit AppData.m to point the baseURI to the Drupal Commerce Services resource that you set up after configuring Drupal Commerce Services Resources.