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Microsoft KnowledgeBase Archive

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Microsoft KnowledgeBase Archive

This is a static archive of Microsoft KnowledgeBase articles.

There is no search functionality yet, so you must browse by product.

See this PCjs blog post on the frustration that inspired this archive.

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KB Articles by Product/Category

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This repository was initially populated with KB content from Microsoft's FTP archive, circa 2002, courtesy of Michal Necasek, and then back-filled with KB articles from other sources (eg, the Microsoft Programmer's Library CD-ROM, courtesy of neozeed).

It might have been useful to start with the oldest articles first, commit them to the repository, and then add and commit successively newer batches of articles, thereby capturing the evolution of certain articles. However, the collection of KB articles is an on-going process, and older batches may not be discovered until after newer batches have already been added.

All the original text files have been converted to Markdown files in preparation for publishing via GitHub Pages. The boilerplate legal notices have been removed from the Markdown files, in part to save a little space, but they will be restored by the page template that's used to publish them.

A log file records the use of non-ASCII characters. These haven't been examined yet, so it's unclear if the files used CP-437, CP-1252, UTF-8, or some other character set. In some cases, it might simply be garbled data, or binary data that should have been translated to something readable.

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