Laser, a UCI-compliant chess engine.
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uci.cpp Increase version to 1.4 beta. Jan 8, 2017
uci.h Add a boardToFEN function. Oct 22, 2016


Laser is a UCI-compliant chess engine written in C++11 by Jeffrey An and Michael An.

For the latest release and previous versions, check Compiled binaries for 64-bit Windows are included.

After being compiled, the executable can be run with any UCI chess GUI, such as Arena ( or Tarrasch (

Thanks To:

  • The Chess Programming Wiki, which is a great resource for beginning chess programmers, and was consulted frequently for this project:
  • The authors of Stockfish, Crafty, EXChess, Rebel, Texel, and all other open-source engines for providing inspiration and great ideas to move Laser forward
  • The engine testers, for uncovering bugs, providing high quality games and ratings, and giving us motivation to improve
  • Cute Chess, the primary tool used for testing: (

To Dos

  • Enumerate or typedef basic values such as color, piece type, and scores
  • Chess960 support
  • Improved pruning rules
  • More efficient PERFT and eval

Engine Strength

CCRL 40/40

Laser 1.2: 57th, 2868 elo as of Oct 22, 2016

CCRL 40/4

Laser 1.2: 54th, 2873 elo as of Oct 22, 2016

CEGT Blitz - Best Single Versions

Laser 1.2: 59th, 2702 elo as of Oct 16, 2016

Implementation Details

  • Lazy SMP up to 128 threads
  • Fancy magic bitboards for a 4.5 sec PERFT 6 @2.2 GHz (no bulk counting).
  • Evaluation
    • Tuned with reinforcement learning, coordinate descent, and a variation of Texel's Tuning Method
    • Piece square tables
    • King safety, pawns shields and storms
    • Isolated/doubled/passed/backwards pawns
    • Mobility
    • Outposts
    • Basic threat detection and pressure on weak pieces
  • A two-bucket transposition table with Zobrist hashing, 16 MB default size
  • An evaluation cache
  • Syzygy tablebase support
  • Fail-soft principal variation search
    • Adaptive null move pruning, late move reduction
    • Futility pruning, razoring, move count based pruning (late move pruning)
    • Check and singular extensions
  • Quiescence search with captures, queen promotions, and checks on the first two plies
  • Move ordering
    • Internal iterative deepening when a hash move is not available
    • Static exchange evaluation (SEE) and Most Valuable Victim / Least Valuable Attacker (MVV/LVA) to order captures
    • Killer and history heuristics to order quiet moves


The code and Makefile support gcc on Linux and MinGW on Windows for Intel Nehalem (2008-2010) and later processors only (due to popcnt instruction support). For older or 32-bit systems, set the preprocessor flag USE_INLINE_ASM in common.h to false.