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// Epiphany47 - SS5Indexer [Samba Server Indexer Code (Java)]
Speed-optimized CIFS/SMB share indexer
When last tested:
- Indexes up to 2.5k files/sec
- Responsive with >700k file entries
- Supported >1400 active users
- Multi-threading (hacked together a thread-pool before I knew what a thread-pool was... x.x)
- Battle tested against real-world networks (performant even with slow wireless hosts, etc...)
Some old school code from 2009 that I'm posting to Github for archival purposes.
Post custom PHPBB Active Directory auth module
SS5Indexer finds Pomona ResNet hosts with active Samba shares and
indexes those shares into a MySQL database.
Please note that the Pomona ResNet is firewalled from outside hosts.
/SS5Indexer - Eclipse 3.5.2 project.
/SS5Indexer/bin - Compiled Java classes
/SS5Indexer/doc - JavaDoc
/SS5Indexer/lib - Java library dependencies
/SS5Indexer/src - Java source!
/SS5Indexer/epiphany/ss5 - source for the SS5 Indexer
/SS5Indexer/epiphany/ss5/db - MySQL-related classes
/SS5Indexer/epiphany/ss5/main - and other key components
/SS5Indexer/epiphany/ss5/objects - Custom data structures
/SS5Indexer/jcifs - Contains a patched version of for jcifs
/SS5Indexer/nmap-03-01-run5.xml - Sample Nmap output
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