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Code generation for the hapijs framework. (work in progress)

Install it.

$ npm install hapi-scaffold -g

Initialize de application. Create the index.js with a basic config.

$ hapi-scaffold init

Erase all folders and files generated. Use it carefully.

$ hapi-scaffold destroy

Create the database configuration file.

$ hapi-scaffold generate db:mongo

Generate a default CRUD for the given resource name.

$ hapi-scaffold scaffold post title:string:required content:string rating:number

Generate a route file (and register it on the server).

$ hapi-scaffold scaffold route post

Generate a controller file.

$ hapi-scaffold scaffold controller post

Generate a service file. Here is where all the logic will be placed.

$ hapi-scaffold scaffold service post

Generate the model file.

$ hapi-scaffold scaffold model post title:string:required content:string rating:number

Remove the database configuration file.

$ hapi-scaffold remove db

Remove CRUD files.

$ hapi-scaffold remove post

Remove a route file (and unregister it on the server).

$ hapi-scaffold remove route post

Remove a controller file.

$ hapi-scaffold remove controller post

Remove a service file.

$ hapi-scaffold remove service post

Remove the model file.

$ hapi-scaffold remove model post

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