Moving despotify to git from SVN in order to update python bindings.
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Despotify - the open source Spotify client

Despotify can only be utilized with "Premium" Spotify accounts. 

Source code
The latest version of the source code can be checked out from our Subversion repository
  $ svn checkout despotify

The checked out source code contains a number of directories
  java/		This is where one of the available Java implementations go
  src/		This is where the C based client, library and Python bindings go
  web/		This is where the source code for our web site goes (

Build instructions for the simple client and library

You'll need a few libraries to be able to build despotify
If you're running Debian/Ubuntu they can be installed with the following commands
  # aptitude install libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libvorbis-dev libtool
  # aptitude install libpulse-dev # For pulseaudio backend
  # aptitude install libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 libgstreamer0.10-dev # For GStreamer backend
  # aptitude install libao-dev # For libao backend

If you encounter any problems, ask a friend or ask in the channel
#despotify on EFNet (example EFNet servers:,

1. Goto the directory src/ where the despotify library and client is located
   $ cd src

2. Optionial (..because just running make will do this for you otherwise)
 - 2.1 Copy to
       $ cp

 - 2.2 Make local adjustments such as specifying additional path for where 
       the compiler's linker should look for libraries (modify LDFLAGS)
       or install to a different prefix (i.e. /usr/local instead of /usr)
       $ nano

3. Run make
   $ make

4. Install
   $ sudo make install

5. You'll now have a client called 'despotify-simple' and a gateway called 'gateway'
   installed under ${INSTALL_PREFIX}/bin (usually this will be /usr/bin)

Also checkout
- Felix Bruns' Java implementation of a Spotify compatible library and GUI client
- Nevyn's Spotify compatible client for the iPhone/iPod platform
- Home of Spotify 

Final notes
This project is neither endorsed by nor associated with Spotify :-)