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Blog theme for Jekyll Bootstrap by Yuya Saito
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Theme info

Theme Name: the_program
Description: A minimumlist theme for jekyll. Theming is done on Jekyll-Bootstrap.
Author: Yuya Saito @
Demo URL: Version: 1.0

About the_program

the_program is inspired by Designed for documenting programming language, but you can certenly use this any other purpose.

  • Design is simple so is the code behind it. You can easily customize it.
  • Built with mobile first.
  • Written with LESS so if you need to edit it, you should get Codekit. I use this app to develop this theme.

About me

I'm Yuya Saito who is a web designer/front-end developer from Tokyo, Japan.

How to use it?

There are 2 places you should go look.

  1. Jekyll / Jekyll repo page on Github
  2. Jekyll-Bootstrap / (Almost) complete how-to and bootstrap for Jekyll created by Jade Dominguez

Code I didn't write

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