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New Age Jekyll theme


The project is no longer maintained

If you are a company and you're going to use the blog:

  1. contact bootstrap start up and ask.
  2. contact me because there is to remove some useless part.

Jekyll theme based on New Age bootstrap theme


View this jekyll theme in action here

Built by

Antonio Trento

This Jekyll template was created to develop, landing pages, squeeze pages, portfolio and blog or all the above.

I integrated analytical tools and marketing such as:

  • Google Ad Words
  • Google analytics
  • Disqus comment system
  • Add This social sharing

External stylesheets and libraries included are Google Fonts, Font Awesome, Normalize.CSS, and WOW.js

In order to set your log data to applications _config.yml just open the file and find the associated items.

I also built a system to add their own names on the same company files

To change the base colors yellow go in css folder there main.css where you can set the primary color and the secondary color, remember that the theme is gradient in the background areas

If you are interested in implementing this theme please contact me without any problems I will do what is in my power to help you!

If you have noticed anything unusual or errors in my development I ask you kindly let me know or send a pull request!

Any opinion and critical comment is welcome! So give us inside!

We can get in touch by:

  1. By twitter
  2. mail lantoniotrento[at]
  3. Via LinkedIn


For more details, read the documentation