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Jellyfin Bookshelf Plugin

Part of the Jellyfin Project

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The Jellyfin Bookshelf plugin enables the collection of eBooks & AudioBooks, with the latter being able to be played through Jellyfin. This plugin uses Google Books as a Metadata provider.

Supported eBook file types:

  • epub
  • mobi
  • pdf
  • cbz
  • cbr

The following limitations apply:

  • .cbr Comics tagged with ComicRacks ComicInfo format are partially supported. Any metadata within the comic book itself will be ignored while external metadata within a ComicInfo.xml file can be read.
  • The Advanced Comic Book Format is not supported.
  • The ComicBookInfo format is not supported. (Not to be confused with the ComicInfo.xml format from ComicRack)

Build & Installation Process

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Ensure you have .NET Core SDK setup and installed

  3. Build the plugin with following command:

dotnet publish --configuration Release --output bin
  1. Place the resulting Jellyfin.Plugin.Bookshelf.dll file in a folder called plugins/ inside your Jellyfin installation / data directory.