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A maven plugin to generate UML diagrams using PlantUML syntax
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- add "overwrite" flag to toggle if existing newer output files should be overwritten
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A maven plugin to generate UML diagrams using PlantUML syntax.

Important note

If you want to use versions of PlantUML greater than 8031 you have to use version 1.2 of this plugin.


To generate images from PlantUML description add following dependency to your pom.xml:


Note that you must explicitely define the PlantUML version you want to use.

Then execute command:

mvn clean com.github.jeluard:plantuml-maven-plugin:generate

Extra configuration options

outputDirectory Directory where generated images are generated. Defaults to ${basedir}/target/plantuml

outputInSourceDirectory Whether or not to generate images in same directory as the source file. Defaults to false.

format Output format. Defaults to png.

verbose Wether or not to output details during generation. Defaults to false.

Released under Apache 2 license.