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bin Fix typo derived from tcmalloc's pprof Apr 23, 2019
build-aux Update config.{guess,sub} from upstream. Nov 10, 2016
doc Implement opt.stats_interval and the _opts options. Jan 29, 2020
include Tcache: Make flush fractions configurable. May 16, 2020
m4 Support C++17 over-aligned allocation Nov 22, 2019
msvc PA: Add pa_extra.c and put PA forking there. Apr 10, 2020
scripts Add --with-lg-page=16 to CI. Sep 23, 2019
src Tcache: Make an integer conversion explicit. May 28, 2020
test Tcache: Make incremental gc bytes configurable. May 16, 2020
.appveyor.yml Reorder the configs for AppVeyor. Jul 15, 2019
.autom4te.cfg Disable autom4te cache. Sep 3, 2014
.cirrus.yml Cirrus-CI: test on new freebsd releases. Feb 24, 2020
.gitattributes fix git handling of newlines on windows May 7, 2014
.gitignore Kill Jul 13, 2018
.travis.yml Add --with-lg-page=16 to CI. Sep 23, 2019
COPYING Update copyright dates. Jan 25, 2019
ChangeLog Update Changelog for 5.2.1. Aug 5, 2019 Update about the default doc build. Aug 16, 2019 Add a fill/flush microbenchmark. May 16, 2020
README Update project URL. Sep 12, 2016 Add May 3, 2018 Move repo contents in jemalloc/ to top level. Apr 1, 2011 Move repo contents in jemalloc/ to top level. Apr 1, 2011 Don't warn on uniform initialization. May 28, 2020 Reformat the version number in May 8, 2018 Introduce scripts to run all possible tests Jan 31, 2017


jemalloc is a general purpose malloc(3) implementation that emphasizes
fragmentation avoidance and scalable concurrency support.  jemalloc first came
into use as the FreeBSD libc allocator in 2005, and since then it has found its
way into numerous applications that rely on its predictable behavior.  In 2010
jemalloc development efforts broadened to include developer support features
such as heap profiling and extensive monitoring/tuning hooks.  Modern jemalloc
releases continue to be integrated back into FreeBSD, and therefore versatility
remains critical.  Ongoing development efforts trend toward making jemalloc
among the best allocators for a broad range of demanding applications, and
eliminating/mitigating weaknesses that have practical repercussions for real
world applications.

The COPYING file contains copyright and licensing information.

The INSTALL file contains information on how to configure, build, and install

The ChangeLog file contains a brief summary of changes for each release.

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