Workspace and resources for the LambdaJam macro workshop
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Welcome to the LambdaJam macro workshop. Install leiningen ( and clone this repository.

If everything's working properly, you should be able to run:

lein test

at your terminal within this repo and see the following output:

lein test user

Ran 0 tests containing 0 assertions.
0 failures, 0 errors.


Empty function and macro shells for the exercises can be found in src/macro_workshop_playground/core.clj and commented out test cases for each can be found in test/macro_workshop_playground/core_test.clj

If you're new to Clojure development and/or leinengen open two terminals and in one run lein repl and save the other for running lein test.

To test-drive your work run uncomment a test case(s) for an exercise in test/macro_workshop_playground/core_test.clj and run lein test to see it fail, update the corresponding function or macro shell in src/macro_workshop_playground/core.clj and run lein test again to see if it passes.

You should also use the repl to experiment with Clojure functions and your macros - using macroexpand-1, for example. If you want to reload your source file from the repl call (use :reload-all 'macro-workshop-playground.core) or type quit and lein repl to restart it.


cheatsheet.pdf includes most of the basic clojure functions you'll need for the exercises.

handout.pdf contains the workshop content.

For a more in-depth resource, see the ClojureDocs quick reference.


Copyright © 2013 Atomic Object

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.