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Helm umbrella repo containing the helm charts for the Jenkins-X platform on Kubernetes
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Jenkins X Helm Charts

Jenkins X is an integrated CI / CD platform for any Kubernetes cluster or cloud. Simple installation of best of breed open source software for developing and running applications in the cloud.

What's included out of the box?

Jenkins Jenkins - Fully integrated CI / CD solution with opinionated yet customisable pipelines and environments
Sonartype Nexus 3 Nexus - Artifact repository (pluggable so we can switch with Artifactory)
Chartmuseum Chartmuseum - Helm Chart repository (Helm is the most popular Kubernetes package manager used to install and upgrade your applications)
Monocular Monocular - Web UI for searching and discovering Helm Charts

Easy to install addons to come.


We use a CLI tool called jx to interact with Jenkins X. For installation jx delegates to Helm (Kubernetes Package manager) for install, upgrades and uninstall operations.

Grab the latest jx and choose the type of cluster you want to create.

Remote cluster install

The quickest way to get going is with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), other major cloud providers coming shortly.

Prerequisite you will need a Google Cloud Account with a Google Project setup, follow this link for a free trial along with $300 credit

jx create cluster gke

And follow the CLI wizard

Local development

For local development we can install Jenkins X with minikube.

First install the Hyperkit driver

git clone && cd cloud-environments
jx create cluster minikube --local-cloud-environment=true

Accessing applications

You can list the external URLs used to access applications on your kubernetes cluster by running:

jx open


This repo is for test purposes, so default admin username and passwords are used:

Application Username Password
K8S Dashboard admin admin
Chartmuseum admin admin
Jenkins admin admin
Nexus admin admin123
Grafana admin admin
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