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[FIXED JENKINS-22964] added a filter for aborted builds

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mcupak committed May 10, 2014
1 parent e583448 commit 0bd3b63bc0d40ad8e1e12a3f78e007af6bcdbb83
@@ -150,6 +150,7 @@ function click2Change( status, last )
<a href="#" onclick="click2Change({0:true}, 0);">${%Successful}</a> -
<a href="#" onclick="click2Change({1:true}, 0);">${%Unstable}</a> -
<a href="#" onclick="click2Change({2:true}, 0);">${%Failed}</a> -
<a href="#" onclick="click2Change({4:true}, 0);">${%Aborted}</a> -
<a href="#" onclick="click2Change({3:true}, 0);">${%Not run}</a> -
<a href="#" onclick="click2Change({0:true,1:true,2:true,4:true}, 0);">${%Run}</a> -
<a href="#" onclick="click2Change({0:true,1:true,2:true,4:true}, 1);">${%Run in this build}</a> -

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