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[FIXED JENKINS-22176] Add a view column for the total warnings count

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sschuberth committed Sep 15, 2014
1 parent feac537 commit 0dcef0c965156e590470d43a4a12a87a44dca0de
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
package org.jenkinsci.plugins.android_lint;

import org.kohsuke.stapler.DataBoundConstructor;

import hudson.Extension;
import hudson.plugins.analysis.views.WarningsCountColumn;
import hudson.views.ListViewColumnDescriptor;

public class LintColumn extends WarningsCountColumn<LintProjectAction> {
public LintColumn() {

protected Class<LintProjectAction> getProjectAction() {
return LintProjectAction.class;

public String getColumnCaption() {
return Messages.AndroidLint_Warnings_ColumnHeader();

public static class ColumnDescriptor extends ListViewColumnDescriptor {
public boolean shownByDefault() {
return false;

public String getDisplayName() {
return Messages.AndroidLint_Warnings_Column();
@@ -17,6 +17,9 @@ AndroidLint.ResultAction.Tooltip.Multiple={0} issues
AndroidLint.Parser.UnknownExplanation=No further explanation available for the "<tt>{0}</tt>" issue type. Upgrade to Android SDK Tools r21 or newer.<br>An explanation is available via the command <tt>lint --show {0}</tt>

AndroidLint.Warnings.ColumnHeader=# Lint
AndroidLint.Warnings.Column=Number of Android Lint warnings

Portlet.WarningsTable=Android Lint issues per project
Portlet.WarningsPriorityGraph=Android Lint issues trend graph (priority distribution)
Portlet.WarningsNewVsFixedGraph=Android Lint issues trend graph (new vs. fixed)

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