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Atlassian Jira Software Cloud Plugin for Jenkins

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The plugin provides a free, easy, secure, and reliable way to connect and send build and deployment information from your Jenkins server to your Jira Software Cloud site. This allows your entire team to see build and deployment info on any issue detail view. It will also let you search across issues for things like "show me all the Jira issues that have been deployed to production".

For more information, please visit the Wiki page.

Integrate Jira Software Cloud with Jenkins

Please follow the instructions on this page: Integrate Jira Software Cloud with Jenkins


Start the local Jenkins instance:

mvn hpi:run

Jenkins Plugin Maven goals

hpi:create  Creates a skeleton of a new plugin.

hpi:hpi Builds the .hpi file

hpi:hpl Generates the .hpl file

hpi:run Runs Jenkins with the current plugin project

hpi:upload Posts the hpi file to Used during the release.
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