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Jenkins/Hudson plugin for chosing Revision / Tag before build
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General information

Under you find information about

  • Plug-Info (useage)
  • Known Limitations/Bugs

Here you find information relevant for developer for this plugin.

  • You may checkout/clone this project and build it by simply calling mvn clean install in the root of the checkout. Test your changes by going to your Jenkins-CI site and import the generated target/git-parameter.hpi by going to your base URL + jenkins/pluginManager/advanced. There you find an option to upload a plugin.
  • The Jenkins-CI of this plugin can be seen at DEV@cloud. The status is


05/03/2016 Version 0.5.1

  • JENKINS-34425: Git parameter plugin skips one build number while populating tags
  • JENKINS-34544: NPE After update to 0.5.0
  • JENKINS-34574: After cleaned workspace doesn’t show branches

04/03/2016 Version 0.5.0

1. User interface

  • JENKINS-27435: Quick branch filter (Thank Bruno P. Kinoshita for inspiration)
  • JENKINS-33963: Branch filter does not save the value (part of the work Joe Hansche)

2. Refactor/fix/feature

  • JENKINS-33361: Long release number in branch, tag or revision name
  • JENKINS-33084: Git Parameter plugin should prune stale remote branches (@darashenka)
  • JENKINS-31939: The top value is better to be chosed by default of to have such option
  • JENKINS-33831: Revision Parameter Type: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • JENKINS-33912: Refactoring Test Case

01/16/2015 Version 0.4.0

  • Possibility to select branch, tag or branch (Alban Dericbourg)
  • Keep complex logics in jelly as less as possible (Yestin Sun)
  • support folders (Nicolas De Loof)
  • Minimized pom.xml as suggested by Jesse Glick
  • Removed LICENSE.txt as suggested by Jesse Glick

14/05/14 Version 0.3.2 (Code is same 0.3, needed because mvn release:prepare release:perform did not work)
14/05/14 Version 0.3.1 (Code is same 0.3, needed because mvn release:prepare release:perform did not work)
09/05/14 Version 0.3

  • Runs a fetch each time the user enters the “Build with parameter”.
  • With an empty workspace the tags are calculated after we made a checkout. This may take a long time.
  • Added MIT-LICENSE.txt to use the same license as Jenkins-CI.
  • Added Contributors.textile
  • Display month not minutes in date. Add Display only first 8 chars of SHA1 (Niklaus Giger)
  • Merging SortMode from graeme-hill
  • Add backup pluginRepository (Gabor Liptak)
  • Use GitTool to query configured location of the git executable (gliptak)
  • Upgrade to git 2.2.0. (christ66)
  • Run clone when fetch fails on workspace empty (Gabor Liptak)
  • Build against latest stable Jenkins-CI version 1.554.1
  • New maintainer/developer

02/21/12 Version 0.2

  • Corrected error – plugin wasn’t showing anything after change of main Git Plugin
  • Corrected major disfunctionality – plugin now it showing revisions only from correct job/project.
  • Adding support for choosing branch from which revisions/tags are returned

11/01/11 Version 0.1

  • Initial Release


  • Add a new method listRemoteTags(URL) to git-client-plugin to use. Will speed up listing tags and avoids cloning/fetching the content.
  • Fix the pending issues from
    • Even though the GIT SCM module has the ability to provide “credentials” (SSH key) for the repository, the git-parameter plugin doesn’t seem to use them. Issue lukanus
  • Allow translations by converting all html stuff to jelly
  • Add explanation when configuring the sort mode
  • Allow regular expressions when sorting.
  • Better testing. How to we test the configuration dialog? How do we test whether correct tags are listed when a user triggers a build?

Development history:

This plugin was offered to the community by lukanus (Łukasz Miłkowski <>) end of 2011. He was active till February 2012.

In May 2014 ngiger (Niklaus Giger niklaus.giger) decided to maintain this plugin and bring in the various improvements made by others.

March 2016 klimas7 (Boguslaw Klimas) he began to the care and maintenance of the plugin.. We will see … :)

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