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jenkins-js Sample Plugins

This repository provides some sample Jenkins Plugins, showing how to use jenkins-js-builder to build Jenkins plugins that support a richer UI through the use of Modularized JavaScript.

Step-by-step Plugins

The repository contains step-by-step example plugins, starting with step-01-basic, which is just a simple Jenkins plugin that contains no JavaScript at all, working up through steps 02 and 03 etc, incrementally adding more JavaScript "features".

Name Description
step-01-basic A very basic Jenkins plugin with no JavaScript.
step-02-nodeify Update step-01-basic to add a very simple jQuery based JavaScript App bundle (jQuery bundled).
step-03-more-npm-packs Update step-02-nodeify to use Twitter Bootstrap instead of jQuery and to also use Moment.js (Bootstrap and Moment.js bundled).
step-04-externalize-libs Update step-03-more-npm-packs to slim down the the App bundle by externalizing Bootstrap and Moment.js (Bootstrap and Moment.js NOT bundled).
step-05-namespaced-css Update step-04-externalize-libs to use bootstrap's default namespaced CSS.
step-06-handlebars-templates Update step-04-externalize-libs to use Handlebars Templates.
step-07-jsdom-tests How to add unit tests using jsdom and Jasmine.
step-08-zombie-tests How to add integration tests using Zombie and Jasmine.