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[FIXED JENKINS-29613] Failure summary jumps to the top of the page wh…

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olivergondza committed Jul 24, 2015
1 parent eb3e4cc commit fa54334f14394703fa2de17a252f6be747dd30a0
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/main/resources/lib/hudson/test/failed-test.jelly
@@ -84,10 +84,10 @@ THE SOFTWARE.
<j:set var="id" value="${h.jsStringEscape(url)}"/>
<j:set var="open" value="showFailureSummary('test-${id}','${url}/summary')"/>
<j:set var="close" value="hideFailureSummary('test-${id}')"/>
<a id="test-${id}-showlink" href="#" onclick="${open}" title="${%Show details}">
<a id="test-${id}-showlink" onclick="${open}" title="${%Show details}">
<l:icon class="icon-document-add icon-sm"/>
<a id="test-${id}-hidelink" href="#" onclick="${close}" title="${%Hide details}" style="display:none">
<a id="test-${id}-hidelink" onclick="${close}" title="${%Hide details}" style="display:none">
<l:icon class="icon-document-delete icon-sm"/>

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