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Maven plugin for building Jenkins plugins
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Maven plugin to build Jenkins plugins. See the Extend Jenkins wiki page for details.

Mojo documentation

Build Status

Before releasing, to sanity test, try

mvn -Prun-its clean install
# Find some plugin using the 2.x parent POM and run:
mvn -f ../some-plugin -Dhpi-plugin.version=1.XXX-SNAPSHOT -DskipTests clean package hpi:run

Updating Jetty

hpi:run mojo is a variant of jetty:run mojo, and because of the way plugin descriptor is generated, this module copies some code from Jetty Maven plugin, specifically and

To keep upstream tracking easier, prestine copies of these files are copied into incoming-x.y branch, then package renamed. This version specific incoming branch is then "theirs" merged into the incoming branch, which acts as the upstream tracking branch.

This branch is then merged into master via git merge -X ignore-space-at-eol incoming. See diff between incoming and master on these files to see the exact local patches.

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