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A Jenkins Plugin to notify Atlassian Stash of build results

Stash Build Notifier Plugin for Jenkins

This Jenkins plugin notifies Stash of build results. Failed or successful builds will show up as little icons in the Stash web interface in commit logs. Clicking on such an icon will take the user to the specific build.


  • Stash 2.1 or newer. This plugin uses the Atlassian Stash Build REST API which was introduced with Stash 2.1.
  • Jenkins 1.466 or newer


Use the Stash Notifier by adding it as a Post Step in your Jenkins build job configuration.

  1. In your Jenkins job configuration go to the Post-build Actions section, click on Add post-build action and select Notify Stash Instance
  2. Enter the Stash base URL, e. g. http://localhost:7990 or If in doubt, go to your local Stash server and check the URL in the browser. The URL http://georg@localhost:7991/projects e. g. reveals the server base URL, which is http://localhost:7991 in this case.
  3. Enter the Stash user name which is used to authenticate the plugin with the Stash build API.
  4. Enter the Stash users password.

That's it. If you have configured everything correctly, Jenkins will notify your Stash instance of subsequent builds. The result is illustrated on Atlassians Stash Build Integration wiki page.



Apache 2.0 License

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