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Below you can view changelogs for the trunk version of the Windows Agent Installer module.

This file also provides links to Jenkins versions, which bundle the released versions. See Jenkins changelog for more details.


Release date: (Nov 03, 2017)

  • JENKINS-47015 - Performance: Do not try to update jenkins-slave.exe on Unix agents when they connect.


Release date: (Aug 18, 2017)

This release updates Windows Service Wrapper from 2.1.0 to 2.1.2. Full changelog can be found here.

Fixed issues:

  • JENKINS-46282 - Runaway Process Killer extension was not using the stopTimeoutMs parameter
  • WinSW Issue #206 - Prevent printing of log entries in the status command
  • WinSW Issue #218 - Prevent hanging of the stop executable when its logs are not being drained do the parent process


Release date: (May 03, 2017) => Jenkins 2.60

  • JENKINS-43737 - Update to Windows Service Wrapper 2.1.0 to support new features: <download> command with authentication, flag for startup failure on <download> error, Delayed Automatic Start mode.
  • JENKINS-43603 - Add System Property, which allows disabling WinSW automatic upgrade on agents. Property name - org.jenkinsci.modules.windows_slave_installer.disableAutoUpdate, type - boolean. More info.
  • JENKINS-42745 - Restore compatibility of the WindowsSlaveInstaller#generateSlaveXml() method. Formally it is a regression in 1.7, but there is no known usages of this API.
  • JENKINS-43930 - Prevent fatal file descriptor leak when agent service installer fails to read data from the service startup.log.
  • PR #14 - Improve logging for restart to the service after the installation completion.

The new features will not be enabled by default in service configuration files, but they can be configured manually.


Release date: (Apr 01, 2017) => Jenkins 2.53


Release date: (Mar 03, 2017) => Jenkins 2.50

This is a major release, which integrates support of the new Windows Service Wrapper (WinSW), which includes many improvements and bugfixes. See the upgrade guidelines below.


  • Download endpoints (/jnlpJars/slave.jar) and filesystem names (e.g. jenkins-slave.exe) have not been modified due to the compatibility reasons.

Fixed issues

  • JENKINS-22692 - Agent connection reset issues when WinSW gets terminated due to the system shutdown.
  • Other stability and performance fixes integrated from 1.18 to 2.0.2. There are many fixes around configuration options and process termination. Full changelog.

Upgrade notes (1.7)

  • See the upgade guidelines in Readme
  • Runaway Process Killer needs to be manually enabled on old agent installations, which have been created before the upgrade.
  • Agent JAR file (slave.jar for default installations) needs to be manually enabled on old agent installations.


There is no changelogs for this release and previous ones. See the commit history to get the info.