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Package Development tutorial for useR! 2019 Toulouse
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Agenda for:

  • Package Development tutorial
  • July 9 2019, useR! 2019 tutorial day, Toulouse, France <-- The One True URL that links to everything!


Recommended pre-workshop prep = Prepare your system section from the R Packages book

  • If attempting prep in real-time, this might be enough:
    install.packages(c("devtools", "roxygen2", "testthat", "covr", "knitr"))


Intro & basic package workflow Jenny Bryan

Testing Jim Hester - slides

Documentation Hadley Wickham

  • slides
  • usethis::use_course("hadley/fordogs")


Feedback and communication

Issues <-- all are encouraged to open issues as we go. This is actually tremendously helpful to us! Examples of issue-worthy thoughts:

  • Glitches in the instructions or materials that we need to fix, for current tutorial or future
  • Missing content that we identify
  • Great questions or sidebar discussions that we should consider formalizing and recording
  • Questions that are too specific or technical to answer in real-time


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