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R Graph Catalog

The r-graph-catalog subdirectory of this repo creates the R Graph Catalog Shiny app.

This catalog is a complement to "Creating More Effective Graphs" by Naomi Robbins. All graphs were produced using the R language and the add-on package ggplot2, written by Hadley Wickham. The gallery is maintained by Joanna Zhao and Jennifer Bryan.

The initial work on this project was facilitated by an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award.


We are inspired by the R graph gallery and rCharts Gallery. Our goal is to create a simple and organized visual index of diverse ggplot2 graphs. Naomi Robbins' book provided a great set of figures to start with.

We are very interested in extending this catalog, possibly helping to revive to the dormant R graph gallery.

Useful Resources

"Creating More Effective Graphs" by Naomi Robbins

ggplot2 written by Hadley Wickham

Winston Chang's book "R Graphics Cookbook" and the Graphs section of his Cookbook for R website

ggplot2 tutorial from May 2014, Vancouver R Users Group

ggplot2 Version of Figures in "Lattice: Multivariate Data Visualization with R"

Contributing a figure

Ideally, this would be easier, but let's just see if anyone wants to contribute a figure before we worry about this too much!

  1. Fork this repository and pull to your local machine.
  2. Run make init to create your own figure directory under figures
  3. In the newly generated figure directory, read and make the appropriate changes.
  4. Make a single commit (include *.R, *_tags.txt,, and data file (if any))
  5. Push back to your fork on GitHub.
  6. Make a pull request.


All graphs in “Creating More Effective Graphs”, made with R package ggplot2.






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