RaspberryMatic (beta4)

@jens-maus jens-maus released this Jan 14, 2017 · 58 commits to master since this release

This is version (beta4) of RaspberryMatic with updated/new functionality and integrated bugfixes facilitating a final release in the near future.


  • updated buildroot Linux environment to latest stable version 2016.11.1
  • updated Linux kernel to version v4.4.38
  • integrated full Real-Time kernel support PREEMPT_RT to minimize potential processing latencies
  • implemented HomeMaticIP support for RaspberryPi3 (HmIP should work equally good on RPi2 and RPi3)
  • implemented support for DS3231-based Real-Time Clock modules
  • added /usr/sbin/daemonize binary to be in line with the functionality provided in a CCU2
  • added libfontconfig package and some standard font packages to fix problems with the Java JVM requiring fonts for certain graphic operations
  • changed boot splash display to display the IP rather than a hostname
  • fixed URL of update notification
  • fixed timezone management to use "Europe/Berlin" as a default
  • minor cosmetic changes to various startup scripts
  • minor bugfixes and functional changes

For a german installation guide please visit the following homematic-forum.de link:


Please find the necessary installation image as a zipped archive file attached to this release. The file size of this file is 184 MB and the MD5 checksum for it is:

6a67068b1587e1182b60c967617198b0  RaspberryMatic-
3587794c8e934d4dde3c0b6047f425a0  RaspberryMatic-