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TypeCooker™-style drawing for


  • No undo. Just Tipp-Ex®
  • No outline tracing. Learn to draw with Béziers yourself, you lazy dog!


  • If you are running macOS Catalina, install Scrawl Tool and Scrawl Viewer through Glyphs’ built-in plugin manager (Window > Plugin Manager) to avoid security warnings.


  • Best used with a pen tablet.
  • Press C to activate Scrawl Tool
  • Press E to switch between Draw and Erase modes
  • Press 1–9 to quickly adjust the drawing tool size (check context menu for wider size range)
  • You can view the scrawl in other tools by activating the Scrawl Reporter via menu View > Show Scrawl
  • Change the ratio of vertical pen size relative to horizontal pen size by adding a custom parameter called "ScrawlPenRatio" to a master. A value of 1.0 means the pen is an exact circle.


  • Image size and position are fixed, e.g. when you change the sidebearings, the image will stay at its initial position.
  • Use a recent Glyphs version. Older versions had a bug when saving more than 64 kB in the user data lib. Complex drawings may reach that limit.