Sample Project showing Unit Testing for an ASU CSE class
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My Movie Library

By Jeremy Lindblom

This app is a sample app for the CSE program at ASU. The purpose of this app is to show good object-oriented design required for effective unit testing. This app will be packaged with sample unit tests to illustrate good testing practices.

Installation Instructions


This application requires a standard LAMP stack with PHP 5.2+, MySQL, and Apache. PHP should have short_tags enabled for use in HTML templates. Also PHP needs to have the php_mysqli and php_curl extensions installed. These requirements are checked for in the install.php script.

This application also makes use of the Netflix API. You will need to sign up for a developer account as to acquire your API keys.


Once the application is installed to a web server such that it is accessible by a web browser, there are just a few more things that need to be done.

Configuration File

The application comes with a sample.config.php file. You should rename this file to config.php, and edit this file to change all of the items in all-caps to be configured for your installation of the application. This includes your database credentials, and Netflix API keys.

You will need to adjust line 7 of config.php to be the appropriate path to your application relative to your web-accessible domain name.


You ned to setup MySQL for the application. You may create a database beforehand, or you may let the install.php script attempt do it for you. If you set it up yourself, the install.php script will just skip those steps. (Note: Your MySQL user account may or may not have the permissions to create databases and tables. You can try running the install.php script first, but if it doesn't work you will need to use a database administration tool to create your database.) Either way, you need to make sure you have entered the database credentials and database name in the config.php file before running the install.php script.

Installation Script

After the above are completed, you can run the install.php script which will confirm that your environment supports all of the application's requirements and also create an setup the database with the schema required for the application to run. Once all items pass in the install.php script, you can delete it.

Setup a User

After the application is running, you will need to go to index.php/admin/createuser in your application via the browser. Enter in the admin credentials defined in your config.php file. Then use the form to create a user account for the application.


Running Tests

To run the unit tests and see the results, you will need to go to index.php/admin/rununittests in your application via the browser. Enter in the admin credentials defined in your config.php file, if prompted to do so. The unit tests results page will now be displayed.

You may want to try altering existing tests or adding new ones to experiment.

Development Todos

  • Model unit tests
    • Show how to mock the database
    • Show how to mock the web service
  • Doc blocks for helpers and models (time permitting)