Simple Nunjucks CLI wrapper and templates watcher
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Simple Nunjucks CLI Wrapper and templates watcher, to generate static HTML files.


npm i -g nunjucks-cli


nunjucks <file|glob> [context] [options]

Basic examples

nunjucks foo.tpl data.json

Compiles foo.tpl to foo.html with data from data.json.

nunjucks **/*.tpl

Compiles all .tpl files (including subdirectories), except the ones starting by _.


--path <directory>

-p <directory>

Path where the templates live. Default to the current working directory. See

--out <directory>

-o <directory>

Output directory.



Allows to keep track of file changes and render accordingly (except files starting by _).



Allows use of .html as source files extension.

--options <file>

-O <file>

Takes a json file as Nunjucks options. Defaults are :

trimBlocks: true,
lstripBlocks: true,
noCache: true


Advanced examples

nunjucks foo.tpl -p src -o dist -O nj.json

Compiles src/foo.tpl to dist/foo.html, with nj.json as nunjucks environnement options.

nunjucks *.tpl data.json -w -p src

Compiles all .tpl files (except ones starting with _) in the src folder to the current working directory, with data.json as metadata, and keeps running in the background for files changes.