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Wordpress local project config script
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Wordpress New Project Config

##What is Wordpress New Project Config? This little script will save you the hassle of all the repetitives tasks each time you start a new wordpress project.

##So what it does? The script will

  • Prompt you for a project name
  • Create a new folder with the project name
  • Fetch and Install the latest wordpress build
  • Remove readme.html and license.txt
  • Fetch your favorite starter theme and rename it with your project name
  • Remove twentyten, twentyeleven and twentytwelve themes
  • Fetch a list of plugins you want on every projects
  • Remove Hello Dolly plugin
  • Fetch H5BP server-configs .htaccess
  • Create a database with your project name
  • Prompt you for a table prefix
  • Configure wp-config.php and change update salt strings
  • Create a wp-config-local.php file for local database parameters
  • Exclude wp-config-local.php in .gitignore and Sublime ftp config file
  • Create a Sublime text 2 project config file (projectName.sublime-project)
  • Configure .sublime-project file with 3 folders :
    • My theme
    • plugins
    • All website (it will be helpfull for the 1st migration on a remote server)
  • Prompt you if you want to configure ftp for Sublime text 2
  • Create a Sublime text 2 sFTP config file sftp-config.json in each folder.
  • Create a new project in codeKit
  • Launch your project in Sublime text 2
  • Open your newly created wordpress website in your favourite browser


  • I created this script for MAC, I don't know if it works on other platforms.
  • MAMP
  • git
  • codeKit
  • sublime text 2
  • and sFTP plugin if you want

##Installation Just duplicate config-sample.cfg to config.cfg

##Configuration You can edit the script with your favourite code editor and change some variables.

  • DIRECTORY you can type your projects folder path
  • WORDPRESS_URL must be a zip to download, I use zip download rather than a git repository cause I personally fetch a locale (french) version of wordpress
  • THEME_URL must be a git repository
  • PLUGINS_URL is a list of plugins from the plugin directory
  • DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_HOST these are the defaults for MAMP
  • LOCAL_URL default is localhost:8888/ for MAMP but you could have changed it

and for sure, you can modify or delete some part not useful for you

##Why a .command extension? The script is a common shell script with normally a .sh extension
The .command extension allow to make the script double clickable
Tip : If you are using Alfred or an other launcher application, you can execute the script from everywhere!



  • recursively clone submodules in theme repository
  • Remove twentyfifteen and twentysixteen themes


  • fixe a mySQL issue
  • Remove twentythirteen and twentyfourteen themes
  • Update fetching of the new H5BP .htaccess


  • Add mysql path in the config file
  • Add sublime text path in the config file


  • Now you can fetch a list a plugins from the plugin directory


  • Fixed the path for browser launching (thanks to Aarow)



  • Do not allow empty strings on FTP config, and allow to abort process (thanks to Carles Jove)


  • Empty values are now not allowed for project name (thanks to Carles Jove)


  • Fixed table_prefix issue


  • Split the configuration part in an another file config.cfg
  • gitignore config.cfg
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