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Simple4Chat is a messaging app which provides everything you need for chatting/communication. But, there is definitely more than that.

Chat Room Oriented

The main difference between Simple4Chat and other messaging apps is that it is chat-room-oriented instead of people-oriented. In many messaging apps, there is no functionality to create multiple chat rooms for the same person you chat. When you think of some previous conversations you had with your friend, in other apps you usually need to keep srolling up to find where it happened. A better way, of course, is to search some keywords and a part of the conversations would jump out if you have some luck remembering the keywords. Simple4Chat allows you to create as many chat rooms as you want for the same person. You can name the conversation or add some tags to the conversation (Usually naming it is sufficient). Whenever you need to find something in that conversation, find the conversation from the list, ONE CLICK, BOOM!

Features On The Way - Stay Tuned

  • Ability to send messages with text editing (e.g. send bold or italics messages)
  • Ability to organize conversations by copying a part of conversation to a separate chat room

Feedback and feature requests are always welcomed!