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Rekapi - Keyframes for JavaScript

Rekapi is a keyframe animation library for JavaScript. It gives you an API for:

  • Defining keyframe-based animations
  • Controlling animation playback

Rekapi is renderer-agnostic. At its core, Rekapi does not perform any rendering. However, it does expose an API for defining renderers, and comes bundled with renderers for the HTML DOM and HTML5 2D <canvas>.

Browser compatibility

Rekapi officially supports Evergreen browsers.


npm install --save rekapi

Developing Rekapi

First, install the dependencies via npm like so:

npm install

Once those are installed, you can generate dist/rekapi.js with:

npm run build

To run the tests in CLI:

npm test

To generate the documentation (dist/doc):

npm run doc

To generate, live-update, and view the documentation in your browser:

npm run doc:live

To start a development server:

npm start

Once that's running, you can run the tests at http://localhost:9010/test/ and view the documentation at http://localhost:9010/dist/doc/.

Loading Rekapi

Rekapi exposes a UMD module, so you can load it however you like:

// ES6
import { Rekapi, Actor } from 'rekapi';


// AMD
define(['rekapi'], rekapi => { });

Or even:

// CommonJS
const rekapi = require('rekapi');


Take a peek at the Network page to see all of the Rekapi contributors.


Rekapi is distributed under the MIT license. You are encouraged to use and modify the code to suit your needs, as well as redistribute it.