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* {font-family: mono; font-size:0.95em}
.eventNotifier{width: 100px; float: left; color:navy; border: dotted 1px navy; padding: 4px; background-color:white; margin:3px}
.dirty{border: solid 1px #0ca2ff; color:white; background-color:#0ca2ff}
<h3>Test #01</h3>
<input type='text' id='input_01'/>
type 'ctrl+l ' to focus.<br/>
type 'shift+3' to insert 'Shift#' into the text box.<br/>
type 'a' inside the textbox and have 'b' inserted instead.
<hr />
<h3>Test #02</h3>
<td><input type='text' id='input_02' class='foo'></td>
<td><input type='text' id='input_03' class='foo'></td>
<td><input type='text' id='input_04' class='foo'></td>
<td><input type='text' id='input_05' class='foo'></td>
<td><input type='text' id='input_06' class='foo'></td>
<input type='button' value='UnBind Click' onclick="unbindClick()" />
<input type='button' value='UnBind Keyup' onclick="unbindKeyup()" />
<hr />
<div id="logger"></div>
<script src="jquery-1.4.2.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.hotkeys.js"></script>
$(document).bind('keydown', 'ctrl+l', function(){$('#input_01')[0].focus();})
.bind('keydown', 'shift+#', function(){$('#input_01')[0].value = "Shift#";})
//.bind('keyup', function () { alert (arguments); })
.bind('click', function (event){
if ( == $('html')[0]){
alert("save the planet, don't waste energy over meaningless clicking");
$('#input_01').bind('keyup', 'a', function(event){
this.value = this.value.replace(/a/g, "b");
$('').bind('keydown', 'ctrl+k', function(event){
log('binding keydown/ctrl+k to <b>input</b> applied on <b>#' + + '</b>');
return false;
$('table').bind('keydown click keyup', 'ctrl+l', clickHandler);
function clickHandler(event){
log('binding ' + event.type + ' with(ctrl+l) to <b>table</b> applied on <b>#' + + '</b>');
return false;
function unbindClick(){
$('table').unbind('click', clickHandler).unbind('keyup', 'ctrl+l', clickHandler);
function unbindKeyup(){
$('table').unbind('keyup', 'ctrl+l', clickHandler);
function log(msg){