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Simple Jekyll based style guide

This is a simple style guide generator in Jekyll. It is not particularly original but I tried to make it as flexible as possible to correspond to various use cases.

I used a custom collection (with output set to false) rather than posts or pages so I can use those to create more complex style guides if needed.


Here is what the default output looks like.

How it works

Define components in the _components folder. Each component is output twice (code and preview) using a single include file _includes/component.html.

  • The type variable in components is used to be able to group them (using the group_by parameter) or only display a certain type of components (using the where parameter) in more complex style guides.
  • The sass variable is used to reference the sass file for all the CSS rules applied to each component.
  • Easy to expand the list of component variables: maybe you need notes or js files. Just update your components YAML front matter and your component include and you're good to go.

Display components in your templates using simple {% for %} loops.

Simple {% for %} loop to display all components (ordered using file names)

{% assign entries = site.components %}
{% for entry in entries %}
  {% include component.html %}
{% endfor %}

{% for %} loop using group_by to display components grouped by type

{% assign componentsByType = site.components | group_by:"type" %}
{% for type in componentsByType %}
  <h3 class="sg-h2">{{ | capitalize }}</h3>
  {% for entry in type.items %}
    {% include component.html %}
  {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

When creating a more detailed style guides using pages, it is useful to be able to display only a certain type of components in your pages using a where parameter in your {% for %} loop

{% assign entries = site.components | where:"type","buttons" %}
{% for entry in entries %}
  {% include component.html %}
{% endfor %}