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How to Get Started

or how to get the boilerplate :) boilerplate for tquery is a template to get you started. You download it and modify it until it fits your needs. It is a fast way to start a clean project with tquery. The running boilerplate looks like that.

Want to run it on your computer ? First you get boilerplate's files here. Then you launch the http server to serve them. Here is a little shell script which does it all.

curl -OL https://github.com/downloads/jeromeetienne/tquery/tqueryboilerplate.zip
unzip tqueryboilerplate.zip
cd tqueryboilerplate
make server

Then you open a browser on to see it running. Up to you to modify index.html until it fits your needs. index.html looks like the code below... Quite short.

<!doctype html><title>Minimal tQuery Page</title>
<script src="./tquery-bundle.js"></script>
    var world   = tQuery.createWorld().boilerplate().start();
    var object  = tQuery.createTorus().addTo(world);



Release - r59.0

  • ported to three.js r59

Release - r58.0

  • ported to three.js r58

Release - r57.0

  • ported to three.js r57

Release - r56.0

  • ported to three.js r56

Release - r53.0

  • ported to three.js r53
  • plugins/minimal : added a minimal page for requirejs

Release - r52.0

  • ported to three.js r52

Release - r51.0

  • ported to three.js r51
  • added tQuery.montainarena plugin - usefull for arena
  • added ogsworkshop
  • added webrtc.io

Release - r50.2

  • added require.js for webgl-inspector
  • support for object3d.positionX(2) getter/setter (for x,y,z and position/rotation/scale)
  • support for object3d.position() getter
  • remove ambiguous .register() - now .registerInstance() and .registerStatic() - see #117
  • support dev branch on github - master being the last stable release

Release - r50.1

  • implemented tQuery.now() - act as Date.now() with Performance.now() performance
  • notify tQuery.Loop hooks with Performance.now() precision
  • tQuery.extend() now support deep copy
  • renamed tQuery.convert.toBool to tQuery.convert.toBoolean
  • tquery.datguituner plugin - build a Dat.GUI on existing Scene Graph
    • Very usefull to fine tune parameters
  • added tQuery.gsvpano - easy interface with gsvpano.js
  • added nice looking earth in tquery.planets
  • added tquery.statsplus - like stats.js but report memory and renderer stats
  • added tquery.flocking - early version
  • much better require.js support

Release - r50.0

  • ported three.js r50
  • ported to require.js - see plugins/require.js
  • added plugins/lightsaber
  • added plugins/lensflare
  • added plugins/lavamaterial
  • added plugins/buffergeometry
  • working on postprocessing in tQuery.World
  • added catmull-clark subdivision in tQuery.Geometry.smooth()
  • improved home page with more screenshots and link to tutorials
  • added .clone() to tQuery.Object3D
  • added attributes to tQuery.Object3D (needed for shadow)
  • added plugins/skymap to handle textureCube and skymap
  • added plugins/bluesky to generate blue sky html page background - no texture

Release - r49.1

  • support IOS
  • support canvasRenderer
  • included doccoviewer to visualize annoted source
  • added plugins/glfx.js as example of interaction with glfx.js

Release - r49.0

  • First numbered release (synched on three.js version)


build/tquery.js: tquery core - 6k gzip+min

build/tquery-bundle.js: es5-shim + tquery core + three.js + boilerplate - 100k gzip+min

build/tquery-all.js: tquery bundle + all the plugin in incubations - infinite size - dont use :)