Example of using Sweave to generate individualised reports based on responses to a personality test
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Sweave Example: Personality Reports

This is an example of using Sweave to produce a set of individualised personality reports based.

Overview of Main files

  • data folder includes the raw responses to the 50 item survey
  • meta folder includes metadata about the personality test
  • main.R imports the data and loads external packages
  • Report_Template.Rnw includes the report LaTeX and R code
  • run.R has the script to load main.R and run Sweave
  • run1test.R, run5test.R and runAll.R run Sweave on one case, five cases, all the cases.

A copy of some sample reports can be found in the backup folder.

For further explanation on how the source code works go to: http://jeromyanglim.blogspot.com

To build the project

  • Run make on the makefile to build one test report
  • Run make test5 to build the first five reports
  • Run make runall to build all reports. Warning: To run the code for every report takes a while to run (perhaps around 10 to 30 minutes)
  • Run make clean to clean the .output directory
  • Run make backup to copy the generated reports into the backup directory


The reports were built on a system running:

  • R 2.11.1
  • Rtools 2.11
  • MikTeX 2.8
  • Windows 7

It should run on other systems with R, a LaTeX distribution, and tools required for running make.